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betano usa Advertisement But cords and bags serve a purpose! They鈥檙e not inconveniences to triumph over. Have you ever emptied a bagless vac? It鈥檚 a challenging task. Plumes of dust billow out, and a stench fills the air unless you use a fresh trash bag and empty the canister at the very bottom of the bag to prevent releasing dust everywhere. AdvertisementAdvertisementThen there鈥檚 the hair/fur/debris that will stick in smaller canisters like the ones on Dyson鈥檚 vacs, forcing you to remove it all by hand. If you have pets or allergies or both, bagless vacs are a challenge. I have had at least one roommate who habitually put off emptying ours because it鈥檚 such a filthy chore.The cordless situation isn鈥檛 much better. My Dyson V6 lasts a while on a charge, but I鈥檝e already had to spend to replace the battery once, and Dyson might have fixed that issue with the new V11, which improves the power, adds a battery meter, and increases the size of the receptacle while almost making it easier to empty. Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight mplete C3 goes for the same as a Dyson v11. But for your 0, you get a vacuum that鈥檚 tethered to a power outlet, weighs 2.12 pounds more (8.8lbs versus 6.68lbs), and holds almost exactly 1 gallon more crap inside.AdvertisementNaturally, I had to try it out and see if the bagless, cordless future Dyson sold me on was, in reality, a monumental step back. Of course, I might have been a little biased going in鈥擨 really, really, really hate emptying the container on a bagless vacuum. I hate how dust inevitably accrues on the vac and has to be wiped down or rinsed off monthly to stay pristine. Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)AdvertisementThree months in, I haven鈥檛 had to take a rag or a hose to the Miele. I have had to drag it up and down the stairs. It鈥檚 a canister vacuum, which means a handle attaches to a hose which is attached to a tank on wheels that trails you around like a quieter Roomba. The little buddy trailing after you means it sucks for stairs鈥攅specially if you have a lot of them. You have to sort of hobble your way up or down, awkwardly maneuvering the tank and juggling the hose. Yet it鈥檚 great for cleaning places up high, where the bulk of the weight of the vac can stay on the ground and not tire out your noodle arms. And it鈥檚 flexible enough for annoying rarely cleaned corners behind furniture or under beds.And I never have to worry about whether it has enough juice because I plug it into the wall. And because it plugs directly into the wall, it鈥檚 so powerful. Vacuum makers typically measure suction power by air watts, and Miele claims it can sustain 1,100 watts, while Dyson claims the V11 does 185 watts. The Miele consumes all that is before it: Fur, kitty litter, the change that fell out of my pocket鈥攅ven a sock I didn鈥檛 realize had been kicked under a chair. It鈥檚 the reason pets are afraid of vacuums.AdvertisementIf you鈥檝e only got little messes, you probably won鈥檛 notice the Dyson鈥檚 less impressive performance鈥攈eck you might even appreciate the lower wattage on a Dyson. You don鈥檛 have to worry about vacuuming up change or the backing from an earring and then fishing it out of the dusty muck. If you accidentally suck up the fringe on a carpet, it鈥檚 easy to unspool from the Dyson. It鈥檚 powerful enough for a lot of people. Photo: Alex Cranz (Gizmodo)AdvertisementBut even if they can both do the same job, the Dyson takes a lot longer. And it鈥檚 not just because you have to take more passes, it鈥檚 also because the Miele, and any bag vac will store at least a gallon more crud before needing to be emptied. If I go a week without a pass, my little v6 requires four or five trips to the trash can. The Miele does it with room to spare, and when it鈥檚 finally filled up a month and a half later? I just pull the bag out and drop it in the garbage and slot on a new one.There鈥檚 no dust and no rush to clean my whole body to avoid an allergy attack after I empty it. I don鈥檛 have to carefully reclean around the trashcan because some of the dirt inevitably missed the target. People talk about the convenience of a Keurig versus a traditional coffee machine, but that has nothing on the convenience of a bagged vacuum versus the bagless kind. After three months of a cleaner and nicer smelling home, I don鈥檛 think I can go back. I can put up with the additional space a bag vac takes up, and I can survive the climb up and down the stairs. Sometimes the best thing isn鈥檛 cutting the cord鈥攊t鈥檚 plugging it in.

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    betano usa AdvertisementWhen Royole broke ground with the first foldable phone in late 2018, the FlexPai showed that while bendable devices were possible, they still needed a lot of work. But at MWC, the flexible gadget floodgates opened with devices like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X leading the way, with both boasting components and designs that seemed several generations ahead of anything anyone had ever seen before.But what鈥檚 even more notable about this is that it wasn鈥檛 just the two electronics juggernauts that brought bendy devices to MWC. Nubia, known for all sorts of wild concepts including dual-screen phones and the first phone to feature RGB lighting, showed off a more refined take on its Alpha smartphone-watch hybrid. And while TCL isn鈥檛 planning on releasing a foldable device until sometime in 2020, the company still brought a handful of flexible concept devices to show off in Barcelona.AdvertisementAdvertisementFlexible screens have the potential to change how so many gadgets are created, and while MWC 2019 may have been their big debut, it鈥檚 important to note that this is just the beginning. With the Galaxy Fold priced just short of ,000 and the Mate X going for even more at around ,600, the first wave of bendable devices are anything but affordable. Additionally, there are also a lot of potential concerns about bendy phone design, especially when it comes to durability. And with a number of bendable phones appearing quite thick, that鈥檚 yet another hurdle early adopters will have to come to grips with.A hint at the next big advance in smartphone photographyPhoto: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight in advance of the P30 launch scheduled at the end of March, it seems like Huawei is on track to bring big zooms to smartphone cameras quite soon.Our holographic future remains years awayPhoto: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementWhen Microsoft first announced the original HoloLens back in 2015, people didn鈥檛 quite know what to make of it. It was different than VR, and much more than just simple augmented reality. And over the years, Microsoft鈥檚 mixed reality platform has grown into a tool that changes how businesses teach, train, and empower their workers.And with the arrival of a second-gen headset, the HoloLens 2 has gained improved comfort and ergonomics, double the field of view, and precision hand and eye tracking that allows you to interact with holograms as if they were real. Microsoft has even created new software suites to help businesses get the HoloLens 2 up and running even faster, while also giving enterprises the tools to customize the headset鈥檚 design to fit their needs.AdvertisementBut the sad thing is that for all the normal folk out there, with a price tag of ,500 (or 5 a month), the HoloLens 2 is still just as out of reach as its predecessor. There鈥檚 no doubt the HoloLens 2 is amazing tech, but we鈥檙e still years away from it being something people can realistically have in their homes.Actual 5G-ready handsets are finally hereLG even put a 5G logo on the back of the LG V50 5G that will light up when connected to a 5G network. Photo: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementDespite all the hype about how 5G is going to change mobile communication as we know it, much of that discussion has been largely academic up until now. That鈥檚 because aside from a handful of 5G hotspots for use in limited areas, before last week, there weren鈥檛 any actual 5G-ready phones on the market.But with the announcement of the Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 5G, and Huawei Mate X (yes, Huawei鈥檚 bendy phone is also 5G-ready), and several 5G prototypes from the likes of OnePlus, Oppo, ZTE, and others, there鈥檚 finally some actual 5G hardware to talk about. However, with none of those devices expected to become available before sometime this spring at the earliest, it seems we鈥檙e still in for a little wait until we can test out true 5G devices for real.AdvertisementStill waiting on 5G networks to catch upPhoto: Sam Rutherford (Gizmodo)AdvertisementFor a trade show that had 5G plastered on practically every other sign, branded onto a bunch of handsets, and several keynote presentations spent talking about its potential impact, there wasn鈥檛 a lot of concrete info or updates on when 5G networks would be available. And out of the four big U.S. carriers, the biggest revelation about upcoming 5G service came from Sprint, who projected that the first four cities featuring Sprint鈥檚 5G network would 鈥渕ost likely鈥 go live in May.Meanwhile, Verizon, ATT, and T-Mobile we鈥檙e largely silent on when their networks would come online, with most simply punting for now and asking users to check back in sometime in the second half of 2019. But as OnePlus founder Pete Lau pointed out during a panel co-hosted by Qualcomm, the 5G revolution is one that will take places over three phases, with the first being an improvement of data speeds over the next three to five years.AdvertisementOnly once the 5G networks are up and running can we begin to build out full ecosystems of 5G devices and AI-powered software in phase 2, before finally making everything interconnected in phase 3 of the 5G era. So yes, 5G is coming, but for anyone expecting a transformation overnight, maybe think again, because we鈥檙e just barely getting started.

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